Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Enterprise DDos and Scraping Protection

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An Enterprise Web Application Firewall for today's cloud!

We have got you covered, stay secure from any Internet threat.

Now matter how small or large is your business and your web applications, you can benefit of this innovative protection service that keeps your apps secure and your mind at peace!

Monthly traffic100GB300GB1000GB5000GB20000GB
Cost per GB of traffic$0.10$0.08$0.07$0.06$0.05
Number of domainsup to 2up to 25up to 50up to 100up to 250
Web application firewall
DDos mitigation
Origin Shield
SQL Injection
Protection over SSL 
XSS protection
Brute-force protection
Form submission validation

* There is a minimum monthly commit of $50 per domain, includes 50GB of free traffic.

Your apps are also covered from: Shellshock, Remote File Inclusion, Apache Struts Exploit, Local File Inclusion, Common Web Application Vulnerabilities, Web Shell, Response Header Injection, Spam Protection, Block Probing and Forced Browsing, Obfuscated Attacks and Zero-Day Mitigation, Repeated Violations and more.

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