DNS / Route

DNS / Route

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The most powerful routing in the world

Scaleforce partners with Verizon Digital Media Services, a global leader on. We offer you a premium DNS routing service like no-other at prices you can afford. Speed-up and secure your websites with the world's leading DNS service and gain advantage against the competition. Verizon's network has a capacity of 29Tbps, more than 30+ DNS PoPs on 5 Continents

DNS Network

Network CapacityDNS Points of PresenceContinents
29 Tbps30+5

DNS Pricing

You pay for FQDN Zones, queries or health checks with a minimum of 50 FQDN Zones for $50 per month.
Failover and Load Balancing are not additionaly charged.

Per Month
DNS Zone1$
per zone
DNS Queries - Standard Routing$0.40
per million
DNS Queries - Adaptive Availability$0.60
per million
DNS Health Checks$0.50
per health check target

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