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Premium CDN

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Scaleforce partners with Verizon Digital Media Services, a global leader on. We offer you a premium patented CDN service like no-other at prices you can afford. Speed-up and secure your websites with the world's leading CDN service and gain advantage against the competition. Verizon's network has a capacity of 29Tbps, more than 100 PoPs (new ones are added regularly) and more than 3000 Interconnects

Network CapacityPoints of PresenceContinetsInterconnects
29 Tbps100+53000+

CDN Pricing

Use our global network to deliver your content around the world for the same low rate to any region. 
Never pay for requests, you only pay for the traffic you use*.

0 - 1TB
1 - 10TB
10TB - 40TB
40TB - 100TB
100TB - 250TB
250TB - ∞

* a minimum of $10 per month per account is charged when your traffic cost is lower than $10.


ServiceCDN URL exampleCost
Scaleforce Shared Wildcard$10 per month per domain
+ monthly traffic
Single domain dedicated$100 per month per domain
+ monthly traffic
Wildcard domain dedicated SSL* (unlimited subdomains)
$450 per month per domain
+ monthly traffic

You can try our CDN service for free for 14-days, no credit card required.

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